Sunday, February 21, 2010

The big beautiful West Texas area

I'm back on vacation in the Big Bend area again. Made it in to Alpine yesterday and headed straight to the Field Lab to meet with friends John, Neil, Andrew and Guy. But mostly to see Benita

Stayed at TFL most of the day and had a good time. Even got to help one of JW's neighbors unload some stuff from his pickup so he can continue building his house.

I finally got my room at the Antelope Lodge. My crazy buddy, Psyclesam, had this room the night before. If I hadn't of known that I would have figured it out soon enough. 

Crazy Sam. That was pretty funny. 
Going to Big Bend National Park today to photo and have my breath taken away. Will post more tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, City boy, don't get lost out there in all the wide open!! and take lots of pictures to post on here. You done one of the cow, that's plenty of her,, now some interesting stuff!!