Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

I've been pretty busy lately. Lots of work and getting called out late. Still, that's no excuse for not jotting some things down here.

Today is day #6 without a cigarette. It's not so bad today, day 1-5 have been rough, it's just hard to break the habit part of it. You know one in the morning, one after meals, one during break time, etc. Not so much of a craving for the nicotine now. Couldn't do it on my own, have been taking Zyban. It's helped me from not ripping anybody's head off.

I cooked omelets this morning with ham, mushrooms, jalapeno and cheese. I prepped enough ingredients to be able to freeze for later. Wound up with six extra portions of ingredients for future omelets.

Barbara didn't want omelet so she fixed herself some biscuits and gravy. I'll probably have biscuit and gravy for lunch. It looked really good, she made sausage gravy, with big pieces of sausage.

I went shopping yesterday for a new camera. Going shopping isn't actually an apt description. I already knew what I wanted. I already owned a Canon XSi. I bought that one in April. Of course soon after I bought the XSi, Canon came out with the T1i. Oh boy, i'd sure like to have that camera. Of course having just bought the XSi I know Barbara wouldn't let me spend the money for another camera. I decided to try my luck with posting the XSi on Craigslist. After getting several offers to buy it from people I'm sure were scammers, I got a legitimate reply. I managed to sell the camera and accessories for cash. Took that money and bought myself the T1i and only had to spend $350 out of pocket. I'm happy, the guy that bought my old camera is happy.

I'm really stoked because I wanted the new camera for my vacation next month. I'm spending a week in Fort Davis and am looking forward to spending time taking lots of photos. I'm going to explore south of Fort Davis this time. Last year I stayed in Fort Davis, Marfa, Alpine area. Of course I'm looking forward to spending a night watching for the Marfa Lights, going to go to the McDonald Observatory. My biggest trip will be a day trip driving to Terlingua then to Presidio and then up to Marfa. That will be an all day trip. I'm hoping to make a trip to Balmorhea also. Don't know if I'll go swimming but I'll give it a visit.

One thing I'm going to try to do is take a tour of The Field Lab ( I'd like to see it tin person and meet John Wells. I think what he's doing is pretty cool. Living like Texans lived 100+ years ago, but he does have electricity. I don't think I could do it, but I respect him for living his dream and making it work. I'll contact him via email and lay the groundwork for a tour.

It's 3 weeks until I take my vacation, it can't get here soon enough. I'll post here while I'm on vacation, just to keep you updated.

Until then take care.


  1. Check out my blog if traveling to Ft Davis.



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    good luck with the ciggs.