Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well Crap

Alright, that's just perfect. I spent the last 20 minutes typing a summary of the last 5 days and now it's gone. I was using the Blogger gadget on my iGoogle page, switched to my iTunes to load some music on my iPhone and when I came back my post was gone. I know now thata I better hit the 'Save Draft' button more often.

To summarize, I worked overtime on Wednesday but got a hit on some latent prints I developed. We went to Walburg and had good food, great German beer and heard some fantastic music on Friday night. Saturday I had breakfast with my son, he's got his eye on 3 different women. Yesterday I prepped the SUV for the drive to Fort Davis next Sunday. All systems are operational and it's good to go.

Today went by quickly. I hope the next 3 days do the same. Sunday morning can't get here soon enough.

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