Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lake Arrowhead

I'm camping this week at Lake Arrowhead State Park. I arrived yesterday at about 2:30. When I got here I stopped at the park office. I asked the attendant if I could go scout out areas and chose a spot then come back and tell her which one I wanted. She told me that I couldn't do that. I asked her to recommend a spot and she suggested #25. After check in I went to the campsite. The big plus to 25 is that it's a complete pull through. That's it. It was right next to the road and had no shade. I then checked the other sites on this loop and other loops and determined that either 29 or 27 would be the best available sites in the park. 29 had abundant shade and I could set my tent cot up on the same side of the parking pad as the water and electric hookups. After checking the covered picnic table I discovered that there was a large wasp nest in the eaves over the picnic table scratch 29. I knew 27 had shade also, but not all day like 29 had. After checking for wasps I determined that that was the site I wanted. I then went to the office and had them change me to site 27.

After getting camp set up I called an old friend and made plans to meet in Wichita Falls for supper. We decided I'd mee Ear at her house and we'd go from there. She did the driving so I got to sit shotgun and see all the sites. We went to eat at a hole in the wall Mexican food restaurant called Casa Manana.

The food was excellent, especially their signature tacos served with red corn taco shells or tortillas. After eating we went to the offically recognized, worlds smallest skyscraper. You'll have to google or wikipedia the story. But short version is that the building was a well executed scam from the 1920's and that the scale was 1 foot = 1 inch. So instead of several hundred feet high, it's only as tall as a 3 story building. After going through downtown and seeing the sites, including the Bar L drive up beer joint

we went to Monkeybutts and I got to meet her and see the place where most of their family have lived throughout the years. We also saw the waterfalls and drove by the Allred Unit, where 'Ear' works.

I also took time before heading into town to take some pictures of the prairie dogs here at the park. The prairie dogs in the prairie dog town were shy but the ones by the swimming beach were more photogenic.

After all that running around I came back to camp and went straight to sleep. Oh, on the way back from visiting I found a walmart that had a gas station. I took the time to go in and buy a small fan

and that really helped me sleep last night. It kept me cooler and the noise was like the fan at home.

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Location:Park Road 63,Wichita Falls,United States

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