Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday at Arrowhead

I spent Thursday morning by going on a couple of hikes here at the Park. Both hikes were in the area of the

equestrian campground. There was one trail that petered out about 3/4 of the way through. The ground had standing water and when I pushed my walking stick into the ground it sunk about 8 inches before coming to a stop. Luckily the grass in this area was so high and thick that I was able to walk in this area and not sink into the mud. The grass spread my weight out. I still had water to deal with, but my boots worked perfectly and kept the water out. I'm sure because of the conditions the park crew can't get the mower in there to maintain that part of the trail. I did come across area that had wild plums growing. I might go out on saturday morning and pick some of the ripe/near ripe ones. After hiking I went back to camp and cooked steak and mac & cheese for brunch. Hung around camp without a shirt on and now my back and stomach are red. A plus from last night, I rigged a small fan to the roof of my tent cot and had a cool breeze all night last night I slept great.

On thursday evening I went into town to the MPEC to attend the Western Swing Festival. I met with my friend Rod Moag and his friend Peter Oresich. Peter is visiting from Slovenia and has a radio show there. I don't have pictures of Peter or the friends that came with him, but I'll get some tonight.

I saw the Bob Wills' playboys last night as well as Leon Rausch and Tommy Allsup. Dennis Ivey and his band played as well as John England and his band. The music wa excellent and I can't wait to go back on Friday to see the next days bands. I have an all day wristband for Friday and Saturday, so I might as well go and enjoy the A/C. And there is free high speed Internet so maybe I can get some stuff done while I listen. Will post about Friday after Friday is done.

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Location:Wichita Falls, TX


  1. That ole Swing Music sounds like the for real deal with Leon and Tommy. " Take it Leon" Bob Wills is still the King !!!

  2. Like Ben says, Bob Wills is still King!!!