Thursday, June 18, 2009


Took the day off from work today (and tomorrow). I'm going to go to the Round Rock Express game. I'm looking forward to it. My brother is visiting from N.Y. and I know he's mentioned that he's gone to ball games before. I hope he enjoys our minor league team. I tried to get fascat (my wife) to go but she's not going to have any of it. She went once this year and says she's had her requisite game for the season.

I plan on taking my camera (Canon EOS XSi) and try it out at the ball park. I'm going to try it with and without my polarizing filter. Just wondering how it will take pics in the bright sun with that filter. I stayed up last night and took photos using the bulb setting, got some good shots of the backyard, but I want to go to where it's even darker. I also need to learn the best way to take pictures of stars. I really want to use this camera the next time we have a good meteor shower.

Well, time to go to the game, I'll try to remember to post some of my pics later.

The best picture I got all night was of this giant moth on the netting behind homeplate. The Express lost to New Orleans 11 - 4. It's all good, I enjoyed the game and getting out.

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