Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday busy

Saturday morning, time for breakfast at the Monument Cafe with my father, our friend Marilyn, my son John Paul and my brother Ed.

The food is good (I get eggs, ham, hash browns and bread), and the coffee (from Cianfrani's Coffee Shop) is excellent. But mostly it's the company I enjoy the most.

I'll get to see Jack Starky, a retired pharmacist. He always seems to be genuinely happy to see me, and I know I really enjoy seeing him and catching up on his doings for the past week. And on rare occasions Cindy and her son, Chapman, will come in for breakfast. I get a kick out of seeing those 2. Cindy tells me that Chapman (he's 4 now) gets so excited about coming and getting his pancakes and seeing Mr. Starky and Mr. Paul. In the almost 3 years that I've seen them come in I've only heard Chapman speak one time. And I think that's because he didn't know I was listening.

Breakfast was alright, but they forgot our toast and the waitress was scarce. For the most part this doesn't happen but occasionally it does.

Got brother Ed to the airport, he will be on his way to Ossinning via Houston and Newark. It was good to see him. Now it's my turn to go to NY and visit him.

Saturday night, and it's time for the biergarten at the Walburg restaurant ( It's time to leave so I'll have to post about it later.

Have a good and safe Saturday everyone.

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