Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain, oh deer.

Today was a pretty good day. I got to do some running and get out of the office. Made a trip to Taylor. That was a nice trip. Missed seeing a small Cessna airplane land on toll road 130 by about 15 minutes. Apparently the plane had some engine problems. Wish I'd had my camera with me as I could have talked my way past the road block and gotten some pictures. As it was, all I had was my iPhone camera and you can't really make an impression of being a serious CSI with just a cell phone camera. The plane was eventually repaired and flown to Georgetown, it's original destination. Have to hand it to the pilot, a 24 yr old woman landed it with a dead stick. Luck or skill, she's one lucky lady.

I did run through some rain after leaving Taylor. Got into it on Hwy 79 just before getting to Hutto. It was about 1 1/2 mile of rain, some of it really large drops. By the time I got to 130 it had stopped.

I got to Cedar Park with no delays and no problems. After leaving Cedar Park I rain into some more rain at 1431 and Parmer Ln. This was a really heavy downpour. We did get 1/2 inch at the house. That's always welcome.

Almost made it to 5 o'clock with no call outs, but wouldn't you know it, 4:40 and we get a call out. By 'we' I mean me. With the rain today of course I get sent to a call that's down a dirt road. At least the 1st half mile was dirt, after that it turned to some kind of dirty slush covering that was threating to stop my forward momentum. And that was the good part of the road. I didn't realize that we had small lakes and waterfilled craters in our county, but we do. There were times when I thought if I stopped I'd never get going again. And if it happened in the larger craters I'd never be found. Burial at sea, in a Chevy truck. Not the way I imagined my life ending. Thankfully the water only came up to about 4 inches below the door, but it sure got hairy in a few places.

So, I finally got out to the call out, and it's
out in the middle of nowhere. But the trip there was great for a cardio workout. I took my pictures, helped round up some evidence items and helped gather information for the investigators. Like most cases I'll talk about, if they're active I won't say much about them. Maybe one of these days I'll post about some closed cases. That might make for some interesting reading. The highlight of the call out was snapping some photos of a deer that wondered into the crime scene.

I finally finished up my day and got home at 8:45. All in all it was a 13 1/2 day. I'm beat and am so ready to get to bed. I did a tick check and didn't find any. And amazingly, after wandering around grassy areas I didn't get chiggers either. It was a busy day, but I feel good about getting so much accomplished.

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