Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet me at...

Sorry about no post yesterday. I worked 8 - 4 yesterday and then headed straight to Austin for a meeting for my association, T.A.P.E.I.T. Before we started our meeting, at the Doubletree hotel, we went to eat dinner at Pappasitos. Nothing like Mexican food to start off a late meeting. And the best part is that the association paid for it. We, the board and officers, got a lot done between 7 and 11. We decided to start part of the meeting Monday evening because we had such a big agenda and all of the out of town folks were at the hotel.

Tuesday, today. We took up were we left off last night. Started at 8:30. That wasn't so bad. I was able to keep my regular schedule for mornings, evening leaving the house at the same time I leave when I have to be at work at 8. We banged out a lot of the details for our conference we're having in October. I've got a list of items I need to accomplish, some sooner than later. I feel much better about this conference coming together than I did about last years conference. Everyone seems more relaxed and willing to take on tasks that need to be done. I'll be teaching two different segments this year. A 1/2 segment on packaging for our certification class and then 4 two hour breakout segments during our day of breakouts. If our room is big enough we might be able to cut out one of the 2 hour segments. I'm really looking forward to it. We finished the day up at about 3.

Got home and did 1/2 of exercise. I haven't exercised in a week. It's hard to do it when you have company and they make fun of you. So rather than put up with comments I skipped the exercising. That will be the last time I do that. I'm hurting. 76 crunches....oh my aching abs.

Now I think I'll chill the rest of the night, take some time to recuperate.

Sorry, no pics today. There was a lovely maiden sunning at the hotel pool but there was no way I was going to ask or try to take her picture.

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